IFD & Integrity Testing

The world’s leading Intermittent Fault Detection (IFD) and integrity testing equipment - the Ncompass™ - is one of our leading Life-Cycle capabilities.  Copernicus Technology Ltd operates and supplies the Ncompass™ test equipment, which is an award-winning, proven and uniquely effective solution to intermittent faults and No Fault Found problems that plague aircraft and systems world-wide.


Data Exploitation

Intelligent exploitation of data is vital to enabling customers who maintain and operate complex systems and equipment to reduce the impact and cost of downtime to an absolute minimum.  Copernicus Technology Ltd’s Data Exploitation capabilities are delivered using our latest innovation – NOVA -  a new approach to technical/operating data exploitation.


MPA & ISR Services

Copernicus Technology Ltd now provide training and consultancy services in Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) and Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR).  The need for trained, expert MPA & ISR operators is clear.  Oceans and seas cover 70% of the globe and 80-90% of international trade travels by Sea, set against a context of an increasingly unpredictable maritime security environment due to piracy, terrorism and the proliferation of nations operating submarines.